We believe that wool is a natural and generous fiber that has cherished human beings since they adapted themselves to a hostile and cold world 10,000 years ago (B.C.)

Slide The sheep wool has several properties that are beneficial, such as Because it is a natural thermal insulator. IT CONTROLS THE BODY TEMPERATURE 2 Wool does not ignite on contact with fire. IT IS NOT FLAMMABLE It is antibacterial and antifungal. IT IS A BACTERICIDE Wool can stretch or shrink. IT IS ELASTIC AND FLEXIBLE 3 5 4 1 IT IS IMPERMEABLE It absorbs up to 40%-moisture. Entre ellas, las que destacan son:

Slide We are passionate about the sheep wool because there is not any fiber around the world that makes human being feel more comfortable. Men and sheep have symbollically lived together thousands of years ago. Sheep needed men to survive due to the weight caused by their wool and men needed sheep because of such wool to keep themselves warm.

Sheep were a symbol of wealthiness and generosity in diverse ancient religion and mythologies.
We love wool for all it makes in our favor and we will continue working seeking men do not forget their roots, choosing always natural products.
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